Home Networks

Home Network or Home Area Network (HAN)

Home Networkis a type of local area network that develops from the need to facilitate communication and interoperability among digital devices present inside or within the close vicinity of a home. So says Daniel Webster. It’s just a network in your house so you can share date and stream movies. Devices capable of participating in this network include smart phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, network area storage (NAS) and digital media servers. Anything with a network connection or wireless capability can be part of these home networks. These additional capabilities can be used to increase the quality of life or increase the “cool factor” of your home in a variety of ways. You can automate of repetitious tasks, increased personal productivity, enhanced home security and access to entertainment.

Storing your important files on a ReadyNAS Duo or other home network storage device allows you to access that information from any device on your home network or even from anywhere in the world if you configure that capability – which is pretty easy to do. Many Wireless routers offer this feature just by plugging in a USB flash drive or USB external hard drive.

Home network storage is the answer to the problem of burgeoning data in our lives and the ever growing home media library. Someone who loves music probably has a large iTunes collection or gigabytes of MP3’s purchased from Amazon or ripped from CDs. (We do not condone bypassing artist copyright protection by copying and/or ripping CD tracks)

Linksys SMART Wi-Fi Routers are an easy to install and easy to operate system which also educates you about your home wireless and wired networking, eliminating the time-consuming home network setup and all the frustrations associated to and experienced by average user. This networking router generates a visual map of your current network showing all connected devises and their current status. It pin-points security weaknesses, possible system intrusions and records all disconnected devices. A call-in help centre is available for further customer assistance.

Store your important files, music, videos, photos on a home network storage device and you can access them from any computer (PC or Mac), game console, internet TV, iPod, iPad or maybe even a digital photo frame.

We recommend that you assign all your wired devices static IP addresses and allocate only enough DHCP addresses to satisfy your wireless devices. For example, if you have two desktop computers and three notebook computers, assign your desktop computers one static IP address each and reserve three IP addresses for your notebook computers plus one or two for guests, as the latter are mobile and may need to join networks other than your home network.

Computer Repair When You Should Do-It-Yourself

laptop repair pc repair melbourne flIf your computer is not operating properly then it is quite possible that your PC’s registry has become too large or corrupt.  For your computer to operate and every one of the programs on your pc to operate efficiently your computer must browse the data out of your registry. Once the registry is filled with useless outdated information it will take some time for that computer to process all the data. To be able to help improve your computer speed you can use any of the pc registry repair software packages or computer repair services.

Entry-level computer repair services jobs generally pay well and could be a great gateway position which will later assist you into more complex computer and networking positions like project management, network engineering, software design and server administration. But, to obtain one of those coveted high-end positions you’ll first have to play your cards right by selecting the best school which will make sure you the opportunity to get the feet wet.

PC repair prices inside a pc repair shop can vary from 70 to 200 dollars. How to pick the reduced cost repair and have quality service? Well, you can do this browsing the web and reading through some web comments on the particular service and price. I’ve already written how to find a decent pc repair shop. Thinking about the pc repair cost, it is dependent upon the place of the organization, their experience, the gear they’re utilizing, the cost structure (hourly rate or fixed interest rate per every repair) and the severity of your computer breakdown. Additionally, the majority of the repairs could be completed in 3 ways: online (with no commuting), at work or home, or at a repair shop. The very first is the least expensive the 3rd is easily the most costly. If you would like the cheapest possible cost for a job, search for and compare the costs in other pc repair companies. By doing this you’ll have the ability to choose the more suitable cost as well as have bargain.

You will find large numbers of laptop or computer repair services companies in Florida and/or Melbourne who’ve been skillfully doing the work they do for several years. So, there are many options in selecting a vendor for fixing your PC based on your custom needs and desires. Before selecting anybody, you have to check into their status and the standard of services they’ve been supplying for the entire region. With this, you can go to the website that will reflect their work. At portfolio section, you can observe their customers who’ve been acquired their service. You may also contact some individual clients directly which will explain the standard of the services and also the duration within that they finished their repairing works.

Both small and large companies live and die by the old saying “time is money” and therefore cannot bear computer down-time due to any kind of software or hardware problems. Within this highly competitive world, computer systems have grown to be an essential part of the company’s success. Computer systems are utilized extensively in each and every sphere of existence, whether it is personal or professional. Because the usage is really wide, we will probably face computer errors and breakage on a more consistent basis. Everyone has experienced pc repair services in certain form or another. It may be virus attack, spyware and adware, or perhaps a network crash. All of the errors or problems affects the rate and gratifaction of the computer and can lead to loss of data, despoiled files and waste of time and energy. Within this age of heavy competition, no-one can bear to have inactive or dysfunctional computer systems.~

Don’t allow the an issue to be cause of concern and stress. With remote pc repair services, you can aquire a fast solution and return to working as always without ever moving a single device from the present location. Take full advantage of your time and effort whenever a repair is essential and give remote pc repair services a try.

In many metropolitan areas you will see several different technical schools that provide pc repair services training. The first step in a computer career is to first decide to return to or start school then which school to go to. Don’t simply use the school’s brochure to choose the colleges, relying on them to offer you all the details you’ll need concerning the schools merits. Doing this could place you vulnerable to losing money and time inside a technical school education that doesn’t create a good result for you ultimately. Any company must still sell its services. Technical schools aren’t any different. Because of this you should understand that the school’s career employer is really a sales rep for that particular school and isn’t likely to let you know something that might influence you to definitely go somewhere else. Ironically this author has witnessed lots of people put more independent research into purchasing a second hand vehicle compared to choosing where you’ll get the best education. When returning to college to become pc repair service specialist you should understand that not every school’s are results are equal. Some provide abilities and certifications which will easier transition you right into a good paying job than the others.

Now, I’ve been suggesting why I believe it can be done. You realize it can be done, you need to simply have confidence in yourself and take pc repair one step at a time. I am unable to stress that enough. Computer repair needs to be completed in steps: 1 before 2, 3 before 4. Yes it may sound apparent but be strict on yourself about his, especially while finding out how to do PC repair. You’ll make things easier on yourself.

Hard Drive Failures

Hard Drive Fail ErrorIs Your Hard Drive Failing?

Are you hearing a clunking sound emanating from your computer?  Is your operating system giving you “unable to read disk” errors?  Chances are your hard drive is failing.  Before you do anything, and before your hard drive fails, back up your data.

OK, now that we have a backup we can try and troubleshoot the cause of this noise coming from your hard drive.  Hard drives have several moving parts.  The platters (where the data is stored and read from) spin at tremendous speeds measured in revolutions per minute RPMs.  Even a slow hard drive these days goes at least 5400 RPMs.  The spindle that the platters sit on also spins at that speed.  Then you have the armature that that reads the platters that constantly moves from the outside edge towards the center and back again.

Hard Drive Failure Now let’s be realistic, you can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix a hard drive failure.  You could send it out to a recovery house like our partner Data Analyzers where they would remove the platters and recover the data then send it to you on a CD or DVD but that process is very expensive often $300-$600.  Your best bet is to backup your hard drive on a regular basis.  Using an external hard drive, one that connects via a USB port is a very cost effective way to backup your data.

Many people are starting to realize that external hard drives are becoming more and more popular these days. One of the reasons is that they are becoming so necessary is due to the ever expanding size of the common internal hard drive today.  With so much data at stake, it makes sense to have a safe place to store it on a regular basis.

Whether it is movies, music, photographs, software, or a combination of many different types of file, portable external hard drives can cope with all sorts of data.  Other uses for them include backing up data on a PC or laptop in case you suffer severe computer problems, or your computer is stolen.

The best thing to do now is to go out and buy yourself one of these external hard drives.  They will save you both time and money.  After you have seen how easy it is to back up all your important data, you’ll make it a habit.  An excellent byproduct of a good backup is a wonderful peace of mind.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 is fast and easy

Windows 8.1 Upgrade

windows-8-upgradeLast week I asked if anyone had upgraded to Windows 8.1. Most said no, and one person stated the he was going to upgrade to Mac OS X Mavrick. At the time I had not upgraded either.

On Thursday I upgraded 2 machines, one from Windows 8.0 and the other from Windows 7. In both cases the process was smooth and uneventful with the exception that on the Windows 8.0 to 8.1 upgrade I had to contact Microsoft to validate the Product Key. That was no big deal. I called the automated help line, entered a very long string of numbers and then entered the responding numeric code.

When I ran the upgrade on the Windows 7 box I chose to upgrade the OS only and therefore did not have to reinstall my apps. Aside from taking a couple of hours the process was otherwise painless. Don’t forget to run the Windows Update Tool. It takes a long time but is worth the trouble to keep your software up to date.

If you are still waiting to do the upgrade, I have included some links below to assist you with the process.

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