Upgrading to Windows 8.1 is fast and easy

Windows 8.1 Upgrade

windows-8-upgradeLast week I asked if anyone had upgraded to Windows 8.1. Most said no, and one person stated the he was going to upgrade to Mac OS X Mavrick. At the time I had not upgraded either.

On Thursday I upgraded 2 machines, one from Windows 8.0 and the other from Windows 7. In both cases the process was smooth and uneventful with the exception that on the Windows 8.0 to 8.1 upgrade I had to contact Microsoft to validate the Product Key. That was no big deal. I called the automated help line, entered a very long string of numbers and then entered the responding numeric code.

When I ran the upgrade on the Windows 7 box I chose to upgrade the OS only and therefore did not have to reinstall my apps. Aside from taking a couple of hours the process was otherwise painless. Don’t forget to run the Windows Update Tool. It takes a long time but is worth the trouble to keep your software up to date.

If you are still waiting to do the upgrade, I have included some links below to assist you with the process.

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