Hard Drive Failures

Hard Drive Fail ErrorIs Your Hard Drive Failing?

Are you hearing a clunking sound emanating from your computer?  Is your operating system giving you “unable to read disk” errors?  Chances are your hard drive is failing.  Before you do anything, and before your hard drive fails, back up your data.

OK, now that we have a backup we can try and troubleshoot the cause of this noise coming from your hard drive.  Hard drives have several moving parts.  The platters (where the data is stored and read from) spin at tremendous speeds measured in revolutions per minute RPMs.  Even a slow hard drive these days goes at least 5400 RPMs.  The spindle that the platters sit on also spins at that speed.  Then you have the armature that that reads the platters that constantly moves from the outside edge towards the center and back again.

Hard Drive Failure Now let’s be realistic, you can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix a hard drive failure.  You could send it out to a recovery house like our partner Data Analyzers where they would remove the platters and recover the data then send it to you on a CD or DVD but that process is very expensive often $300-$600.  Your best bet is to backup your hard drive on a regular basis.  Using an external hard drive, one that connects via a USB port is a very cost effective way to backup your data.

Many people are starting to realize that external hard drives are becoming more and more popular these days. One of the reasons is that they are becoming so necessary is due to the ever expanding size of the common internal hard drive today.  With so much data at stake, it makes sense to have a safe place to store it on a regular basis.

Whether it is movies, music, photographs, software, or a combination of many different types of file, portable external hard drives can cope with all sorts of data.  Other uses for them include backing up data on a PC or laptop in case you suffer severe computer problems, or your computer is stolen.

The best thing to do now is to go out and buy yourself one of these external hard drives.  They will save you both time and money.  After you have seen how easy it is to back up all your important data, you’ll make it a habit.  An excellent byproduct of a good backup is a wonderful peace of mind.